Lost In A Groove

by Yasin Bt



"Lost In A Groove” Yasin Bt

Just imagine. It is 4am in the morning on a semi-darkened dance floor in a warehouse styled underground club. It’s packed, hot and sweaty, lightly clad bodies moving in time to the rhythm, eyes closed, hands in the air, intermittent yells, screams and whistles permeate the room as this deep, dark and intense track electrifies your entire body. Hence, “Lost In A Groove”, the latest output from the Mantree Records machine.

Featuring debut artist Yasin Bt, “Lost In A Groove” is the kind of track that is rooted in the raw tradition of the club underground vernacular. Included here are five interesting mixes hitting each style within the landscape of Deep House. “The Lost In A ManTree Mix” is first up and can be defined as its “main” mix. A “full” production containing all the musical elements, neatly arranged: chunky bottoms, aquatic key stabs that float around Yasin’s light and airy vocal, soulfully oozes, yearns, sighs and chants of body movement while the lead guitar thumbs lightheartedly and haunting keys both create intermittent diversions within the track.

The “Lost In A Tribal Groove” mix is stripped down to the drums, watery keys and Yasin’s buttery vocal rides in tandem with the percussion. “Ras In A Groove” mix contains an out-in-front, strong electro bass directive, so distinctive setting this mix’s personality. The “Very Lost Mix” removes some of the percussive elements, stripped down to the just bottoms, electro bass, wah-wah twangs/airy keys and vocal. Lastly, the “Y B Da Kid Mix”, changes up the groove with rubbery keys, sub bass, and a sort of “jump & prance“ insistent percussion creating a nice hypnotic pace especially with those muffled organ chords at the end.

“Lost In the Groove” with its haunting, otherworldly connected, independent and free from commercial musical rhetoric and banality is so reminiscent of those subterranean grooves emanating from those cherished underground hotspots—the way they used to be.

Review by Christopher Flowers FIDA


released January 8, 2018

Written by Yasin Bt
Lead & Background Vocals by Yasin Bt
Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Rasmir Mantree
Recorded @ The Chambers of Mantree Record
Maxmir Publishing (ASCAP)
Cover Design by Yasin Bt




Rasmir Mantree Newark, New Jersey

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