Visions In Trust

by Rasmir Mantree



“Visions In Trust” Rasmir Mantree Mantree Records

It is rare these days to come across a “true” instrumental dance track. A few shine brightly for a moment then drift into oblivion. “Visions In Trust” is a gem among those shining jewels that will glisten forever. Taking its cues from jazz fusion legend, Lonnie Liston Smith with a hint of UK jazz funksters, Atmosfear and Powerline this is a “workout” tune for the athletic dancer. Simplistic at the on start, it is packed with a load of musical surprises that elevate the tune to that elite jazz funk a la House music status. Powerful afro-electro percussion percolates while dramatic organ stabs dot throughout the track. The sweet, deep “Expansion-seque via E2-E4” bass line rumble intensifies the energy. Surprise number one, a wailing, mesmerizing alto sax solo, then surprise number two, a jazz-stroked flute briefly makes an appearance that will leave the listener/dancer wanting more. Such a tease! 10’s across the board for Rasmir Mantree for having “vision” in that anyone with a grain of musicianship in their ears can definitely trust!

Written by Christopher Flowers.


released December 3, 2017

Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Rasmir Mantree
Maxmir Publishing(ASCAP)




Rasmir Mantree Newark, New Jersey

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